Wix Pros and Cons

Written by Andrew Goldman

6 Wix Pros

1. Huge Template Collection

Templates are a godsend when you either don’t want to build them from scratch, or know how to create them. With over 800 to choose from, Wix has more than enough on offer to enable you to find the one that suits. Squarespace in comparison only offers around 150 templates. They can be in the corporate or not so corporate style, so there should be something for everyone. Wix templates already have some content included so you can either use that, or clear it and write your own. Wix also includes templates for online stores, so if you’re setting up a website to sell, you can do this very quickly.

An alternative option for the design of your website, is to tell the Wix AI what you’re looking for, such as brand, logo and colours. It will then build a website for you, which of course you can fine tune to your liking.

2. Drag and Drop Interface With Live Editing

An easy to use interface is a big pull. Being able to move things around without hassle can be really important. The live editing capability allows you to play around and see how it will look online, as you’re building them. So you won’t have to suspend or take down your page while you make those all important edits. You can even do it from the Wix mobile app, so what you edit and see, will be exactly how it will appear on a mobile device.

3. Wix App Market

Whereas WordPress uses plugins, Wix uses apps. Whilst the drag and drop is really good, there are only so many features you can edit. But the apps are really, really good because everything is already there for you, and you may only need to make small edits.


For example, you may want to use an app with a chat feature. This will give your customers instant access to you and your site, to improve the overall service. And the app already has everything you need, in place, to have this up and running.


Other apps include things like forums for content hosting, events with RSVP systems, e-commerce that allows you to not only sell on your site, but can extend to Amazon and Facebook, too.

4. Extra Features Beyond The Apps

Wix doesn’t just rely on apps. It has a vast array of extra features to help you build the site, your way. The package includes ready to use tools such as, free HTTPS, customer quote creator, logo makers, integrated payments, automated responders and setting yourself tasks and reminders.


A particularly useful feature is the ability to invite collaborators. For example, you can invite a copywriter to the draft of your site, and it’ll allow them to make comments, adjustments, or write the wording. Annotations from family, friends and colleagues might be useful so you can improve the user experience.

5. Built in SEO management

To be found on search engines such as Google, you need good search engine optimisation (SEO). Wix does this for you automatically. All you need to do is give it some fine-tuning and focus by filling in your keyword tags and other metadata. This can be done on photos, headers and other parts of your pages. Better rankings happen, the more detail you add. Also, amending the URL for each of your pages will help Google distinguish your site from the competition.

6. Lots of Customer Support

A deal-breaker for some is the customer service, and Wix has its own dedicated team. Malfunctions can be resolved by email or phone. There are also a multitude of self-help videos within the site, and FAQs, to find the answers to your problems.

Wix logo

5 Wix Cons

1. Free site plans must carry the Wix branding

This might not upset everybody, but the free plan carries the Wix branding on your page. Not only that, it appears right in the middle of your site at the top, above your website header. It may feel like an annoying pop-up that never goes away.

2. E-Commerce currencies

Although it’s possible to display your products with multiple currencies, multi-currency checkout isn’t facilitated by Wix. Shopify might be a better e-commerce option if your intention is to sell internationally.

3. Tracking and analytics require a paid plan

The Wix dashboard only provides some basic analytics and traffic tracking. That may be alright for some, but if you want to dig deep into data, this won’t be for you. If you want to explore more complex data, hook up to Google Analytics.

4. Hidden fees

While Wix advertises itself as a cheap and very much affordable site, it’s not as all-in-one as you’d expect. There will be additional fees for some third party apps. Integrating Google Ads will also incur further costs. Wix isn’t alone in doing this, but you’d be best served researching what add-ons you’re going to need, before signing up, to ensure it remains in your budget.

5. Wix isn’t transferable

Wix is an excellent site for someone who doesn’t consider themselves any good at tech. However, you might get really good. And in time, you might outgrow it and feel the need for something bigger and more complex. The drawback with Wix is that the site you’ll have won’t be transferable to another. That’ll mean starting completely from scratch with your new host, which will mean time and money. WordPress may be a better option if you know you’ll be wanting to migrate to another host in the future.


Wix is ideal for small business owners who only need a single site, with no plans to migrate in the future. If you don’t mind the Wix branding heading your site on the cheapest plan, that’s all good. However, if you want to run to budget, be wary of hidden fees after discovering the need for add-ons.


Overall, it’s easy to create, has plenty of templates at your disposal, and coding skills aren’t required. With basic e-commerce facilities readily available, you could get up and running pretty quickly.

Written by Andrew Goldman

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